whiskey for breakfast
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My first blogpost in quite a while! I haven't really been logging into SL as much as I used to, but I think that's temporary. I'm trying to detox a bit before I go back to school - which is monday, meeeeh! I'm really excited to go back to school and see what there is for me to learn but I'm so used to having a lot of free time that I think it's going to take me a while to adjust. Cross your fingers for me! Anyway, I decided to edit more than I normally do. I love editing but haven't doing much of that in the past year. Back when I edited my pictures a lot people used to come to me and tell me that I might be falsly advertising things such as skins etc - but honestly, I don't give a fuck anymore. I figured it's my blog and I'm going to overedit the crap out of my pictures if I want to. If the skin doesn't look the same to you as it does in the picture then... well, sorry but it's not like I'm robbing you from anything. So yeah, note that the hands are fully edited. I wish the slink hands had a pose that included this as a hand pose but unfortunately it doesn't, so these are painted and not available in-world. Hope you haven't missed me too much (oh stahp it elisa, you flatter yourself >:3) I certainly have missed everyone in-world as of late.

  • Skin*League* Skin Erin Fair Natural Brunette Chest C
  • Lips*Glance Skins - Tian - SKT01 - Lipgloss 06
  • Teeth: [whatever] Mesh Alpha ~simple V~ / Teeth 2.0
  • Eyes: [Buzz] Celestial Eyes - Chlorine {More Sparkle} (Kustom9)
  • Add ons: Just Magnetized - Visage Beauty Marks - set 06 - middle
  • Add ons: Just Magnetized - Visage Beauty Marks - set 02 - light
  • Add onsNox. Eyebags [Dark]
  • Hair!lamb. Portland (Mesh) - Honeycomb Ombre
  • Hair add-onCATWA HAIR Forehead Braid [Resize Via HUD]
  • Earrings: J U D A S ::: The Revolution "Chanel 1980 Cicra" Gold (L)
  • Necklace: * SORGO - CubanLink - GOLD/GOLD (Kustom9)
  • Septum[whatever] Septum Pink (all colors in 1)
  • T-shirt: [ 2byte ] boxy t-shirts Female (S) (The Mens Dept)
  • Waist: Mikunch     waistcloth (for camo skirt coodinate)S (Kustom9)
  • Pants: -Pixicat- Biker.Pants - Grey (xs) (Kustom9)
  • Shoes: -FAUN- Michi Flatform Sandals -Gold/Blaq- F (Kustom9)