overindulged ballerina
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So! Arcade is opening on the first of June and there are so many cute items. In this post I'm showing off the B.C.C bento that my avatar is holding, which is from their picnick set. I'm also showing off these cute horns from the RO gatcha. Their entire gatcha is made out of sweets and whatnot. A hat, everything. So cute! Also, this ballerina dress from U.F.O comes out of their ballerina set. Everything is adorable, and I can't wait til everyone can get their hands on these outfits. Anyway, I have a lot more to show off so I'm out of here and inworld again to see what I'm showing off next!

  •  Skin: [PF] Harley - <Porcelain> - Lid 01 - Button Nose
  •  HairEaters Coma - HAIR 48 / Light Platinum Blonde (S)
  •  Horns: RO - SugarRush - ChocoHorns - RARE (The Arcade)
  •  Dress: ::{u.f.o}::Swan Lake, Act1 - pink - xs (The Arcade)
  •  Food: B.C.C Roly Poly picnic Lunch Pink F [Wear] (The Arcade)
  •  Phone: .tsg. Keitai Flip Phone Sweets Decoden RARE (The Arcade)